Inspiring the Creative & Strategic Thinking in the Transition to the
WEB 3.0 Era

SMBs should build & exploit the conten-based
biz dev strategy if they want to survive in the upcoming era of metaverses, DAOs and digital entities.

This blog will explain why the content-based strategy of developing your business is the best way to protect your venture in the long run while getting the possibilities you couldn’t even imagine. And why it always was and will be like this, whether it was the pre-Internet era or the modernity of web 3.0 – mentioning which in the headline is just a hook to grab your attention).

Here, at DGTLONE.com, we’re trying to make it a one-stop info source to get everything you need to know about implementing the most efficient approaches to creating and distributing content on a scale. It is absolutely FREE, and we’re not selling anything here to you.

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Business is about people.
And people are just stories.
So if you don't tell your story,
you don't exist...

Business is about people. And people are just stories. So, if you don't tell your story, you don't exist...

Weekly News Coverage by Ms. Violet #4

Hello, my besties! This is Miss Violet with the news of the week! If you love cats but don’t want to take care of them, this is news to you!A Chinese startup has created a robotic cat.MarsCat behaves almost like a real cat: it can play, knead a pillow

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AI Adoption

AI Adoption Across Industries

The market for Artificial Intelligence is expected to reach $270 billion by 2027. A whopping $15.7 trillion AI market is expected to emerge by 2030. While 77% of consumers already use a machine’s artificial intelligence capabilities, only 33% know they’re doing so.

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The Red.Dot Project

Also, check out our Red.Dot Project. It is a series of hand-picked articles that our team wrote in 2021. They are evergreen and aim to educate a new generation of entrepreneurs. There you’ll find the best practices in organic and paid traffic – social and search as well. Also, you’ll get to know what is branding, messaging, article and script writing, video production, media buying process, web design, and good performance. Which tools better to use in different scenarios is also a useful category which you’ll find there. And don’t forget to see the best-in-class ads that we’ve found searching throughout the whole web.

Let us know your thoughts on the project through our social media channels. We welcome both criticism and praise 🙌❤️

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Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER or drop us a business message