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A One-Stop Solution for All Your Needs As Online Entrepreneur

The first easy-to-use and very affordable advisory for online-entrepreneurs.

Just write down questions that you have regarding your online business in a simple messenger or by email. Your dedicated manager will provide you with all the information needed. Human interactions via user-friendly and common interface – as simple as that.

Human interaction
Easy to use
Stop overpaying for unnecessary things!

No time-consuming personal meetings and long onboarding interactions. We know that all businesses are more or less similar, and the issues you may face, too. The ones who’re telling you otherwise just want to rip off more money from you analyzing your “individual” situation. And the more it goes – the more you pay.

Who's usually cheating you and why?
Digital Agencies

Your ignorance is their money. Making your website and running ads is easy when you know how things work. Don't pay for what you should be doing by yourself. And one more thing - agencies are usually run by people who failed with own product.

Consulting Companies

This is usually a very pricey option. So-called consulting is about making simple things very complicated and then guiding you with a big courtesy through unnecessary stages of analyzes, strategy, and implementation until you'll run out of money.


Not on time, lousy quality, using software that allows them to make elementary things on a scale and pretending that there was hard work in place. Not to mention here their ability to disappear just before your deadline suddenly.

Development Companies

There is no such thing that should be developed in the modern eco-system by the normal entrepreneur. Unless you're techie by yourself. Otherwise, it's a road down to hell. You will lose all your money long before you'll even see the MVP release.

Coaches & Motivators

These are the funny guys. Be happy, believe in yourself, you can, hustle, work hard and so on, so on. If you're smart enough - you've never listened to such a useless chatter, let alone going to the overvalued events where they're feeding your brain with entirely rubbish.

Courses Ceators

There is nothing in those courses that you can't find on YouTube. And of course, there's no any magic recipe for success. And also, don't forget about how information becomes outdated in the modern world. That's why don't pay for moldy, so-called knowledge.

None of them is aiming to make your life easier. Yet their goal is to show how ignorant you are, and that you just can’t make anything on your own (without them).
It is definetly not true. If you know where you’re going – you can get there on your own. And with a little help from us this process will be smooth and joyful as a walk along the ocean-side promenade.

Special Note:

We’re not here for any motivational speaking. We don’t talk about things like happiness, sense of purpose, believing in yourself, and other banalities. We’re here to pick up the easiest yet the most efficient way for your business in every aspect. We work only with mature individuals who understand that the only way to succeed in anything is to keep doing the work and finding different clues until you’re satisfied with the result.

But we’re also here not to discourage you. Just keep it real.

Don't wait till the digital wave will cover you! Surf like a pro in this restless info-ocean with our help.

We will work with you precisely on things that are most important for online-entrepreneurs. We’ve got quite diverse knowledge and your needs will be satisfied in a full.


Which software to use in any scenario with understandable how-tos.


From accuracy of niche definition to understanding your budget and ad-spend returns.


Understanding capabilities & necessary skills for setting up and organizing the (remote) team.


The up-to-date approaches that work, rather it's finding the right supplyer or partnership.

Legal Issues

From legal-entity formation to payment processing and all required docs.

We are focusing our efforts on helping online-entrepreneurs to become a truly digital business without the guesswork and unnecessary hustle.

Tons of absorbed information on everyday basis lets us to filter all the noise and being up to date.

Today we face the problem not tightened to the lack of information but to the overwhelming amount of it. It is very likely you would feel like you’re drawing in the different articles and opinions expressed on any theme you’re looking for.

Sure, you can try to google everything on your own. But it would be the long-curve option.

Years of expertise in all the aspects of online-business let us understand how to deal with information on a scale. We know a lot. And if we don’t – we know how to research properly.

We help to make this process simple. With natural, only-human communication.

And as many factors could be missed via voice communication we’ve strongly chosen the written approach. Because only this way can lead to very deep and knowledgable formulations and the most efficient interactions as a whole.

May take... a while). Until you'll get in common with all the modern tech tools.

Thousands of software companies providing a few tech tools each, that can be used in different scenarios… Well, usually it makes the head of the entrepreneur want to blow up. But here we are – to help to sort everything out and squeeze the maximum of tech for our clients.

Up to 6 month needed to understand the variety of business strategies on the market and don't forget about the tactics...

There are more than a dozen common business strategy approaches. Not to mention that they’re all good in theory (yet not always easy to understand) but very questionable in practice. We help our clients to choose the best option for acting fast.

A year may be enough to understand the scope of marketing platforms and the persuation methods needed to sell.

We break down the complexity to easy eatable pieces. Making the hard things fluent and understandable that’s what our clients love us for.

Up to 4 months approximately needed to pick up the working management approach.

After people have tried a plenty of tools with recommended instructions on how-to-better-use each – they very often become our clients. Nobody likes complexity and we know how to make things work easily and efficient.

240 hours approximately needed to understand the legal requirements to run online-business.

We can and we do serve the optimal solution to our clients within couple of days. With our help they can see the path clearly, without any hidden rocks.

In the end...

We come to those notorious 10,000 hours of research and practice before you can claim yourself as a professional.

Lets break it down:

There are approximately 250 working days in a year and lets say you are working 6 hours per day. So in one year you’ll probably be working 1500 hours. Now let’s divide 10000 to 1500. And we’ve got approximately 6,5 years needed to gain such amount of experience.

But here is the option to significantly cut this time – use our service!

Just imagine that you could get an experienced advisor to empower your business and stop wasting time searching for the best solution in every particular situation. 

Now it’s possible. So give it a try!

Letter From the CEO

Hey, I’m Nick Brat, the CEO of Dgtlone.
I’m here to supervise the quality of service my team is providing and will do my best to satisfy your needs.

I engage personally in every issue that is bothering you and also in maintaining the process of proper information supply to every customer.

So it is my first aim to make things work for you.

Well, as it’s been said, shit happens. So, if you’re not satisfied with the service or have any other complaints – feel free to email me at

Or maybe you’ve got any kinds of proposals regarding cooperation or have any other issues to be covered – also, email me and I’ll get to you ASAP.


Most frequent questions and answers

After you proceed with the payment, you’ll be redirected to the Members Area, where you’ll find the interface to easily communicate with us. Just write down your issue, and we’ll get in touch ASAP to solve it.

It can be a one-time-payment for a consulting session or we charge a monthly based fee for an unlimited number of requests. Think of it as penny-cost hourly rate for a wide-range professional working on your side. On the other hand we’ve got a turn-key solution about which you can read here.

If you aren’t satisfied with the service provided by our team, you can claim a refund in the first 7 days after payment has been made. No questions asked except for a reason – for us to understand what went wrong and how we can improve.

It depends which kind of service you choose. We don’t do any manual work on issues like these when we do consulting sessions, but we will provide all the information regarding all how-tos and best practices available. Although you will have to do it yourself, however, you can count on us – we’ll show you how best to proceed in a particular case. In advisory services we do provide the execusion of such kind of requests.

If you’re somehow related to online business – certainly, yes. Whether you’re running an online shop, a blog, you’re an influencer or selling a service, etc. Literally, if you’re on the internet for making a profit – our consulting and advisory services will meet your needs.

Three main reasons: individual approach and human-communication; understanding the user flows and different scenarios of each particular situation; sifting information to make a clear view for you. This means – we hit the target while drastically saving you time.
Agencies are much costly – but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get what you want. The main reason is that agencies monetize on your ignorance. The less you know – the more they earn. On the other side, we provide you with knowledge – not overwhelming you with information, searching for the easiest, and optimal ways to achieve your goals. We show you that most of the things that agencies would be happy to charge you for, you can easily do on your own (with a little help from us).

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