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Hello! We are DGTLONE – the tech news cluster! It is a media project that broadcasts tech news from around the world in a friendly and quite original manner.

Basically, in the manner that you’re seeing right now! 👇

We’ve got LIVE broadcasting on YouTube mixing fresh news with more sustainable episodes about Artificial Intelligence, robotics, WEB3, the newest software overviews, the funniest and the most valuable posts on social media, iconic advertisements, and even artificial art!

Also, we post quite frequently on our social media channels (that include all the major platforms), updating the feed 4-8 times daily.


Although we’ve just started, we already have a small but steadily growing audience in the US with a deep interest in technology, software, gadgets, startups, entrepreneurship, etc. And we’re putting a great effort into building a big and recognizable media. Collaborations, interviews, and investigative opinions are part of this strategy.

You may be wondering – what is here for you?

Well, let’s get to business.

We offer to advertise your product or service throughout all of our channels. These include:

10 sponsored news a month on every major social platform

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube (marked as “this news is sponsored by…”). One news also will be shown 3 times an hour for at least 24 hours after it’s uploaded (around 72 times) on our YouTube LIVE broadcast.

Production of 1 overview video (around 10 minutes) of your company and product with the story, use cases, etc.

It may be tied up to any occasion and include an interview with the company rep - it’s up to you. This video will be placed on our website as a blog post, on each of our social media, and on a YouTube LIVE broadcast (and will be shown 12 times a day).

Production and placement of 1 short banner-video ad (15 sec long)

People will see it throughout our website and on our LIVE broadcast on YouTube. It will be shown 20 times an hour on each banner on the website and 20 times an hour on our live broadcast. This ad will be updated every month.

Production and placement of 1 native video ad (around 1 minute long)

People will see it between the news blocks on our YouTube LIVE broadcast (3 times an hour), and we will post it everywhere on our social media. This ad also will be updated every month.

These are all you’ll get for only €1500 a month! 

But it’s not it! We’ve also got two bonuses here:


You’ll be able to take away* all of the production materials for your needs to use them later!
This alone would save you a few thousand if you’d need to hire an agency for such a service.

*Only applies if buying for at least 3 months.


We will run ads to overview video and native video for €500 a month, targeting your most relevant audience on any platform you prefer!
Who else would do that?

Sounds good? And it’s all just for €1500 a month!

It may all seem too good to be true, like, why are you offering such a cheap price for such a stuffed offer?

But there’s no catch. We’re doing it because, as I’ve told you before, we’re just starting and want our advertisers to get the advantage of being among first.

But, as you may see from the offer structure, there’s a limit to how many advertisers we can onboard at once. So, the number of spots is limited to only 12.

That’s why don’t wait and hesitate! If it all sounds like this is what you’ve been looking for – an additional marketing channel and production studio all-in-one – you won’t find a better deal!

So take it, and we’ll make you happily smile at the satisfaction of the result!

Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you ASAP! 👇