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Author: Alina Polishchuk

Written by Alina Polishchuk, Palmeiras Digital LDA


The Archimedes Waveswing technology is a submerged wave power buoy designed to provide reliable and affordable power for maritime communities and offshore applications.

Microsoft plans to integrate OpenAI chatbot technology into Office, Bing, and other products

Microsoft is planning to bring AI capabilities across all its major services like Bing, Word, Powerpoint and other Office tools.

PS5 Might Leak Liquid Metal, Overheat if Left Vertical

The PlayStation 5 is designed to sit either vertically or on its side. Sony made that clear the first time it unveiled the console hardware and the system includes a stand that can be oriented horizontally or vertically, as the user prefers.

TikTok is testing a ‘sleep reminders’ feature that nudges you when it’s bedtime

TikTok users regularly complain of hours lost on the platform, especially at night. In an effort to address these concerns, the company is testing new sleep reminders that include the option to set up alerts when it’s your bedtime and to mute notifications during the recommended seven hours of sleep.

BMW’s i Vision Dee: A talking car with a ‘digital soul’

At the keynote for the Consumer Electronics Show, automaker BMW revealed a prototype for its i Vision Dee concept car, a vehicle the company's CEO Oliver Zipse calls "the next level of human-machine interaction

HTC Reveals Expensive Vive XR Elite Wireless Headset Price and Specs

HTC unveils details on its newest VR headset, the Vive XR Elite wireless headset, including tech specs and a hefty retail price.

Ram previews new electric pickup to rival Ford, Rivian

Ram Truck previewed its upcoming electric pickup at the CES technology show.

Time Audio and Video Effects for Conferences at Scale

At CES 2023, NVIDIA Maxine announced SDK updates and new microservices, enabling clear communications in video conferences through private or public clouds.

The Aeo robot is designed to patrol and disinfect hospitals

Who doesn’t like a good CES success story? For Aeolus Robotics, it was the 2018 show where things really clicked in. Exhibiting at the event garnered interest from folks looking for a solution to help out around hospitals, nursing homes and school.

Twitter data breach: Hacker put 200M users’ private information up for grabs

The hacker had demanded $200,000 to return the breached data back in December but warned that if their conditions are not fulfilled, they will release the data for free.

Stellantis to build U.S. firm Archer’s air taxi

Industrial firms and new startups are flocking to invest in air taxis, which can take off and land vertically to ferry travellers to airports or on short trips between cities, allowing them to beat traffic.

A Cute Little Dog My Kids Can Code

Toys that teach kids to learn to code can be great, especially if they're cute and fun to play with.

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