The Turn-Key Solution For Your Project

What Is The D1 Solution?

We unleash the full power of Digital Marketing for your business. From step 1 to the final result - the profitable system that works like a clock.


The implementation process is split by the modules for better understanding and a clear look

Basic Module

Marketing setup:

tech setup:
domains, software,

Management setup:
Task-Flow environment

Module #1 Basic

The first step that will reveal all the strategy and tactics needed to move forward. 4-6 weeks
€ 4999
Module #1

Content Production & Delivery

Creation Process

Collaboration process

Delivery process

Module #2 Content Production & Delivery

The second step will allow us to create content on the scale and to deliver it properly.
2-4 weeks
€ 2999
Module #2

Funnel /
Website Building Module

Website Deployment

Funnels setup

SEO Process Setup

Module #3 Funnel/Website Building

The third step aims to land the prospects in a comfortable and clear space where they totally get what they are offered.
3-5 weeks
€ 3999
Module #3

Advertising Module

Social Media Ads

Google Ads

YouTube Ads

Native AdS

Module #4 Advertising

The fourth step will allow to acquire traffic on all the popular platforms and convert it into leads.
2-3 weeks
€ 2499
Module #4

Affiliate Program Module

Affiliate Program Setup

Partner onboarding and
retention process

Module #5 Affiliate Program

The fifth step will allow scaling the warm and hot traffic from the partners.
2-3 weeks
€ 2499
Module #5

Sales Module

Sales Process setup

Persuation Methods

Retention and support

Module #6 Sales

The sixth step will open the possibility to close the deals - converting leads into paying customers.
3-4 weeks
€ 3499
Module #6

Other Services

Legal Consulting

Accounting Consulting


from € 1499


from € 500 per month

Support & Process Management Monthly Fee

Includes everything listed below. The price starts from € 3000 per month.

1. Dedicated Manager: to keep in touch to guide you thoroughly through all the process and receive the feedback on the activities.  
2. Dedicated Team Members: to execute all the ongoing tasks.
3. Process Supervision: to ensure the proper execusion.
4. Reporting: to be on the one page from day one.

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