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FIFA World Cup 2022 Cyber criminals reportedly using fake websites to steal users data


The FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events globally. Just like it attracts football fans across the world, the event is also a hot spot for cybercriminals. As per a new report, cybercriminals are using multiple tricks to lure football fans to con them and steal their data.

IT security intelligence firm CloudSEK claimed in a report that cyber criminals are offering users fake entry permits, fake cryptocurrency, and using betting websites to attack football fans to steal their data.

The cyber security firm claims that cyber criminals are using multiple Telegram channels to sell Hayya cards (FIFA entry permit) for prices ranging from $50 to $150. “To create Hayya cards, the threat actors claim to require the buyer’s valid IDs like passports. And payment is only accepted in Bitcoin,” CloudSEK said in a report.