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The Sunday Round Up #10- Home key, Runway, Shopify, Reddit, NFT Marketplace



Hi everyone, it’s Mrs. Violet with you today! Let’s talk about cool news in our Sunday Round-Up today, by the way, don’t forget to click the “Like” button!

Swedish scientists have added smells to virtual reality.

This is made possible by the Nosewise olfactometer. 

In this device there are four valves with different smells, which at the right moment are opened and mixed in a cocktail of scents.

The device has already been tested in the game – the users in the virtual wine cellar determined the type of wine, focusing on the flavors. They say it turned out very realistic.

A drone flew around the summit of Mount Everest for the first time. The flight was made by a DJI Mavic 3 drone. According to the specifications, it can fly up to 6,000 meters above sea level and withstand temperatures down to -10 °C. Therefore, for the flight, the team of Chinese photographers 8KRAW made changes to the design of the drone. 

The highest altitude reached by the drone after the upgrade exceeded 9,200 meters.

Developers from Runway have introduced an AI photo editing tool called Erase and Replace. You just highlight the area you want to change and write a text query with the desired object. 

Now imagine the faces of photoshopers!

What progress has been achieved

Thanks to the new technology “Home key” owners of devices from Apple can now open doors with an iPhone or Apple Watch (provided that they have a special smart lock).

The usual key, however, is not recommended to lose – smartphone and smart watch can run out of battery, there is a risk of spending the night on the street.

Look at AI Render – a new free addon based on the Stable Diffusion neural network, allows you to convert 3D scenes into artwork based on text descriptions. 

Create incredible AI generated images with Stable Diffusion easily, without running any code on your own computer!

That’s it! Let’s take a little break and enjoy some cool and funny videos from our “Explore Social Media” rubric!

Exploring Social Media

How about this? 

Just a view of Mark Zuckerberg‘s $13 billion multiverse.

It seems easier to write to the developers of Sims 3. They did it cheaper and better!

And here are my favorite 3D billboards, this time see which one appeared in New York from Activision with the promo of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Who out there doesn’t like to clean the house? 

This robotic hover scooter for cleaning is just for you!

I think I need such an assistant around the house, too.

The James Webb telescope is delighted with new photos. This is the Pillars of Creation gas cluster, which is more than 7,000 light-years away from Earth.


But there is a “but”: this cluster most likely no longer exists because of a supernova explosion. The consequences of this event will only be visible from Earth in a thousand years.

We were looking at bright stars, and now look what I found on the Internet! 

Just neural network results for “salmon swimming against the current.”

Not all pictures are good, but let’s turn to our rubric and see what artificial intelligence created for us!


Well, well…What does artificial intelligence have in store for us today? Our keywords: Two dragons flying in the sky, different shaped clouds around, pink sunset in the distance, fantastic environment, concept art, 8k

I’m waiting for your comments, which AI-art you like more and write your ideas for the next pictures!

See you soon! Meet Mrs Cherry with her latest updates.


Hi, guys! I’m here to tell you the most interesting news in the Web3 world. And, of course, don’t forget to like our DGTLONE Show!

Shopify partners with Novel to deliver accessible Web3 for merchants

Major global e-commerce platform Shopify announced a partnership with Novel, a no-code Web3 commerce platform, to make Web3 technologies accessible and approachable for all merchants.

As part of the partnership, Novel launched an app on the Shopify App Store, which equips existing merchants on Shopify with tools to experience Web3 innovation in e-commerce without any technical knowledge or time and monetary commitments.

The Novel Shopify app delivers two primary features: minting and distribution, and utility. The minting and distribution feature allows users to generate art for a new nonfungible token (NFT) collection or upload an existing NFT collection. Novel can then deploy smart contracts over the collection and make them available to users for purchase on the Shopify storefront.

The NFT market is down by almost every metric

The once-booming non-fungible token (NFT) market is down by nearly every trackable metric. In sectors from art to gaming, trading volume for NFTs across all sectors has plunged about 90% since this time last year, according to data from the crypto websites The Block and CryptoSlam.

That’s a steep drop for an NFT industry that recorded several $1 billion trading weeks in the last few years as traders, speculators, and collectors vied to obtain coveted digital collectibles to turn a profit, gain status, and show off. Since the start of September, NFT trading volumes have averaged $35 million per week. Amid a weak stock market and high inflation, the market has shown no signs of rebounding.

What the industry is calling a crypto “winter” has settled on the once red-hot market that saw the rise of Yuga Labs, Dapper Labs, and OpenSea, several billion-dollar companies. The NFT market’s struggles are yet another sign that blockchain-based digital collectibles are bull-market luxuries rather than reliable, inflation-resistant investments.

Reddit Users Open 2.5 Million Crypto Wallets After Launch of NFT Marketplace

The social network’s users have opened over 2.5 million crypto wallets on the platform since Reddit released its NFT marketplace in July.

Reddit claims it has 50 million daily active users and grossed over $350 million in earnings last year, so its foray into Web3 may bring more revenue to the social platform.

The social network’s NFT marketplace requires users to set up a Reddit Vault Wallet to purchase and store tokens. The wallet allows users to manage community points stored on-chain that can be used for various in-app purchases.

As the total number of wallets is roughly 3 million, it’s clear the interest in owning these PFP NFTs is driving adoption — the vast majority of new users have hopped on board in the past three months.

After a short pause, you will enjoy our useful rubric “Pick of the Week – the Best Software Out There.” But now I’ll show you a video where someone made a clip of Michael Jackson’s Thriller song using Midjourney neural network, which turned out to be a real treasure trove for aspiring stars. Type in a song lyric, edit a clip from pictures, and it’s done!

Pick of the Week – the Best Software Out There

Email marketing, what does it do?

Is the easiest way to grow your business?

This question should be taken thoroughly, and the best software for implementation in the company’s operation should be found! But this is the software of the week column where we share the best and most valuable tips and tricks for you. So MailerLite is the best software in our opinion, not only for sending your subscribers emails, promotions, and newsletters. But it can host web pages, automate emails, and more. It is a digital marketing tool to grow your audience faster and drive revenue smarter. 

It’s better to try once and see the results! The affiliate link is attached to this video’s description – take advantage of it!  You’ll thank me later!


Digital marketing tools to grow your audience

Ad of the Week

What ad did we choose for you today? We weren’t left out by the Corona ad, which installed free fridges in Italian bars with free beer that only owners of dead phones can take.

The fridge has a special AI sensor that reads the state of the battery and decides whether to treat the customer or not.

Are you excited? Let’s see the commercial! 

That’s it! See you soon! 

Kisses to everyone!



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