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The Sunday Round Up – Elon Musk bought a Twitter, DALL-E 2, Lionel Messi Joins Crypto, Telegram



On this damn mystical and mesmerizingly interesting bright night, we want to tell you about the most murderous news! And let’s enjoy this round-up with chilling calm and mysterious attraction along with your frightening Mrs. Violet! 

Lego`s a gaming PC

Lego made a gift for Halloween!

The company’s employees have assembled a gaming PC inside a haunted house. The computer consists of 20,000 cubes, inside there is an RTX 3090 graphics card, an Intel i9-12900KF processor, and a custom water cooling system.

Fans are sure to love it.

BMW Israel made ad by DALL-E 2

BMW Israel worked on two hot topics at once: feminism and neural networks.

It started with DALL-E 2, which generated pictures for the query “car driver” – unbelievably, they had men behind the wheel. Cybersexism detected.

That is why they did not entrust the whole creation of advertising to a neural network – they put actress Ayelet Zurer at the forefront. And they appealed to artificial intelligence with a reminder: women are half of humanity, and therefore the audience.

A Chinese startup has created a spider robot 

A Chinese startup has created a spider robot controlled by a smartphone or PC.

The six-legged robot with the uncomplicated name XR R1 can perform 12 pre-programmed movements, including warming up, provocation, when it waves its front legs, and stretching.

Sneakers of the future 

What do the sneakers of the future look like?

That’s how the startup Surplex developed special shoes with sensors that can track the position of the entire body and broadcast it to VR.

This means that very soon the owners of such futuristic shoes will be able to fully interact with their digital avatars.

AI girlfriends

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now sophisticated enough to make fake people look real. Demonstrating this power is YouTuber Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect who has used AI photo editing to create a girlfriend who isn’t real. In a YouTube video, he shares a picture of himself taking a selfie with a smiling woman standing next to him and her hand on his shoulder. They look like a happy couple… until you realize that she was generated using AI.

The 170-kilometer metropolis The Line

From idea to realization: Saudi Arabia has begun laying the foundations for the 170-kilometer metropolis The Line. It is a linear city powered only by renewable energy. By the way, it is very small in width – a few hundred meters.

My super mystery news is finished, but I’ve got some brain-blasting videos for you from our  “Explore Social Media” rubric!

Exploring Social Media

The costume of the day award goes to this guy: a fully working Cosplaymania 2022 cosplay of the chainsaw man from Japan.

Snapchat continues to amaze with its filters.

Everyone seems to have tried the “crying” lens, but this time I came across a feature that allows you to scan an object and make it into a cartoon character.

AR chromakey on the hair. Interesting idea for a Halloween outfit, but you have to get the VR glasses.

It looks weird, but it’s interesting. 

It looks creepy, but look what I found – a guy replaced his eye with a prosthetic flashlight after he lost his vision to retinal cancer.

A videomaker from the YouTube channel elihandleb placed Kevin from “Home Alone” in the horror game Resident Evil: Village.

In the video, the boy meets Lady Dumitrescu and other monsters of the castle. It looks very cool and scary.


Horror, horror… What does artificial intelligence have in store for us today? 

I think something terrifying, because our key words are: Four horsemen of the apocalypse, riding in a dark forest, road lit by pumpkin lights, darkness all around, fear, complex details, fantastic surroundings, concept art, 8k

See you soon! Meet Mrs. Cherry with her latest mystical updates.


Here’s the scary beautiful Mrs. Cherry, so let this episode bring you lots of mystical but positive news in the Web 3 world! And don’t dare close your eyes until the end of our DGTLONE Show!

Elon Musk carried a sink into Twitter as deal nears close

With just a few more days left to complete his acquisition of Twitter

 and stave off a new court date, billionaire Elon Musk walked into the company’s San Francisco office with what appeared to be a porcelain bathroom sink in his hands.

“Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!” the Tesla

 and SpaceX CEO tweeted with a video of his entrance.

A person at the company confirmed that Elon was visiting today, and noted that there is some internal concern about what will happen to people on foreign-worker visas. Some employees say they feel like if he buys it, he can “burn it all down if he wants to.”

Earlier, Musk changed his description on the social media service, where he has more than 110 million followers, to “Chief Twit.”

Wouldn’t that be a nice Halloween gift for everyone? Interesting, scary story of the mask and Twitter deal!

Telegram username auction marketplace ‘almost’ ready to launch

The popular messaging app Telegram has developed a new marketplace that doesn’t involve nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The social messaging platform said that it is all set to launch its marketplace for auctioning unique usernames for social platforms.

The idea was first teased by the company founder Pavel Durov  when he proposed a marketplace that could utilize “NFT-like smart contracts” to auction highly-sought after usernames. Durov made the suggestion after the “success” of domain name auctions by The Open Network (TON), a layer-1 blockchain originally designed by the Telegram team.

Durov said at the time that a new marketplace, where username holders could transfer them to interested parties in protected deals — with ownership secured on the blockchain via NFT-like smart contracts — could become a sought-after service in Web3. He added that other elements of the Telegram ecosystem, including channels, stickers or emojis, could later also become part of this marketplace.

Lionel Messi Joins Crypto Fan Token Company Socios in $20 Million Deal

Soccer star Lionel Messi has a new three-year deal to become a global ambassador for cryptocurrency-fueled fan token company Socios. Messi will be paid $20 million over the three-year deal, according to Reuters.  

Messi will promote Socios to his 400 million social media followers. Socios has deals with more than 130 organizations, including many top European soccer clubs, UFC and NBA, NFL and NHL teams. Socios makes tokens for sports franchises that fans can buy to access rewards such as game-worn jerseys or vote in polls that influence team uniform designs and the songs played in stadiums. 

After a brief pause, you’ll be treated to our bloody “Pick of the Week – the Best Software Out There” column. And now let’s dive into a gruesome video created with the help of a neural network! Nobody likes clowns, right? Watch how the AI sees them.

Pick of the Week – the Best Software Out There

Elai – Create AI videos from just text!

Many people know how exhausting and time-consuming the video shooting, editing, and post-production process is! But what if I tell you that AI can do it for you? Save up your time and budget to customized AI videos with a presenter in minutes without using a camera, studio and a greenscreen.


Create AI videos from just text

You’ll thank me later!

Ad of the Week

In the black-black woods… black-black sauce. Yes, it’s Halloween, and Heinz, as usual, went all out with the scary stuff.

This time, to promote the garlic sauce Black Garlic Mayo, they invaded the domain of vampires and built the world’s creepiest pop-up crypt store – in the middle of the Bold Creteasca forest in Romania.

The Heinz promo shared the coordinates, so daredevils can take a chance and drive over for a tasting. And then try to get out unscathed. It looks like the cameraman of the video failed to do so.

Let’s watch a terribly weird ad!

That’s the end of our horribly interesting show. Death-kissing to everyone!



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