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Ring offers a first look at its home security drone


Ring showed off a concept device it promised would be coming to homes at some point in the future. The Always Home Cam is a mini drone, designed to zoom around your home, patrolling for intruders when you weren’t in. Now, at CES 2023, the company offered us a first real-world look at the hardware in flight, although it’s still reluctant to commit to a release date, or a price.
The whole package looks more like a kitchen countertop gadget, a smart bread bin or similar, rather than a security drone. It’s a little larger than it looks in Ring’s initial demo videos, although not by very much, and while it doesn’t look like any other drone on the market, it certainly sounds like one. If you’ve ever annoyed a pet with a toy mini drone, then you can expect a similarly disgruntled animal whenever this thing is on patrol.



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