Our Consulting and Advisory Services Cover All the Issues That Are Relevant for Online Entrepreneurs, Such As:


Which software or service to use in any scenario

– For content creation
– For marketing efforts
– For management
– Integration options
– All pros and cons
– Optimal ways of using
– Understandable how-tos
– Environment
– Domains
– Hosting
– Servers


The proper market-intelligence, customer acquisition and retention

– Market/Submarket/Niche
– Dream customer
– Competitors analysis and clever intelligence
– Funnels and/or websites
– Traffic channels and types
– Brand messaging
– The Persuasion methods
– Working with affiliates & Influencers
– Understanding your budget and ad-spend returns

Management System

Get the most of the FLOW process

– Theory of Constraints adaptation – automation, ease of use, tasks standardization, and flow-like performance
– Quality assurance process integrated into the flow
– Hiring and onboarding process
– Understanding capabilities & necessary skills
– Setting up and organizing the (remote) team
– Effective communication

Strategy and Risk Mitigation

Dealing with the unpredictable world through the prism of risks behind the action

– Which way to go?
– How to get there?
– What will be the risk cost in each scenario?
– Finding the right suppliers and contractors
– Potential partnerships analysis
– Raise investment or move on your own
– etc.

Legal and Accounting

Things to keep in mind – you’ll need some someday anyway

– Company registration
– Optimal taxation strategy
– Process of applying for the VC investment
– Process of meeting all the requirenments of the regulators
– Process of applying for different stimulus programs   
– Certification of the products for the target market
– Getting the trademark
– Protecting your copyright with life-royalti possibility
– Required operational docs (Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Operating Agreement, Articles of Organization, Initial Resolution, Contracts, Agreements, NDAs, etc.)
– Accounting services

Examples of Frequently Asked Questions When Using Our Services:

P.S.: You can use this section as a prompt to navigate the questions that not always on your mind but can be very helpful.

– Which software is better to use to set up the website for anything?

– Which software is better to use for marketing efforts?

– What email sequencing service to use?

– What service for SEO to use do you suggest?

– How to use API for your benefit?

– Which software to use to build a funnel? 

– Which service to use to manage social media?

– What is the best team-management software?

– What software to use to measure team’s KPIs?

– Which software to use to measure marketing metrics?

– Which software is better to use for management efforts?

– Which software to use to run a podcast?

– Which software do you suggest for video/audio editing?

– Which is the best service to write captions?

– How to set up a chat-bot?

– How to automate the process?

– What is a good solution for the support team?

– What software can help in copywriting?

– etc, etc.

– How to figure out market trends?

– How can I make my own brand?

– How to run ads most efficiently?

– How to make the math on the ad spending?

– How to understand the max lead cost for my business?

– What is a persuasive copywriting and how to apply it?

– What is a funnel and how to use one?

– How to create relevant content on a scale?

– How to understand the perfect audience for my product or service?

– How to communicate properly and resonate with my audience?

– How to apply the right SEO strategy to get search traffic?

– How to run ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

– How to work with influencers?

– How can I sell my products/services through affiliates?

– How to measure the traffic acquisition cost?

– Which metrics to look for to optimize the marketing campaign?

 How to design the landing page?

– How to structure the sales page?

– How to resonate with your customers’ needs?

– What is the difference between traffic types? 

– How to split the audience into different buckets?

– How to work with each segment of customers?

– etc, etc.

– How to understand that the candidate is capable to do his work right?

– How to manage the team properly?

– What is the best management strategy right now?

– How to manage tasks properly?

– How to work with freelancers?

– From where to start to form a team?

– What is the salary for this job?

– Where to find the best professionals?

– How to create a company culture?

– What is the best way to communicate with team members?

– How to set up all the agreements with team members?

– How to onboard new team members?

– How to fire a person properly?

– How to control the process?

– How to avoid a steal of sensitive data by a non-ethical person

– How to incentivize the staff for greater motivation?

– How to set up the bonus system properly? 

– etc, etc.

– What is the plan for setting up the online business?

– How to understand the right timing for each step?

– When to start hiring?

– Is it time to move forward?

– How to measure risks properly?

– How to minimize the influence of uncertainty?

– How to measure the chances properly?

– How to protect yourself in any kind of agreement?

– How to minimize internal/external vulnerabilities?   

– How to set up the goal and purpose of the company?

– How to choose a reliable supplier of goods for business?

– When should you look for raising capital opportunities?

– When to avoid raising capital?

– How to choose the right investor for your needs?

– etc, etc.

– How to open a legal entity to operate in XYZ market?

– What documents do I need to open a company? 

– What is the cost of setting up a company?

– Should I hire the lawyer to run the process?

– Wich tax is applicable to me?

– What jurisdiction is the best fit for me?

– What are the benefits of this or that jurisdiction?

– How to avoid double taxation?

– What to write in the Privacy Policy?

– How to protect my content from stealing?

– How to meet all the legal government conditions?

– How to set up a bank account?

– How to plugin the payment system to receive money online?

– How to file the accounting properly?

– Which services are better to use for legal or financial issues? 

– Which legal docs do I need to have in place to operate my online business?

– How to protect the business from any external threats?

– Which documents to apply for investment?

– Best way to structure the deal?

– How to be prepared for due diligence? 

– Which data should be in place to show to investors?

– etc, etc.

The Process

We use the approaches outlined in the Teory of Constraints in our work. And strongly recomment you to take it on arms, too. So, there's nothing to add to the classics:

1. Identify the goal.
2. Identify the constraint.
3. Exploit the constraint.
4. Subordinate operations to the constraint.
5. Increase constraint capacity.
6. Repeat with a new constraint.

All these steps basically look like this:

We ask a few questions to get a clear understanding where you are now.
Finding your bottle necks or doubts (when you are uncertain which opion to choose).
Provide the strategy and the steps should be taken.
You start implementing the steps with our active assistance, feedback, and corrections.
When previous step is done – move to the next one.
The more time we work on project the better understanding of your business we have.
When the measures been taken worked out well in terms of revenue – we start optimizing your business to juice out more revenue from it.

YES, WE ARE PROFIT-CENRIC ONLY. We work with businesses that want to grow their PROFIT in the FIRST PLACE, not counting on burning VC’s money. YES – if you’re making enough profit on your own – without any obligations, tedious and time-consuming meetings with investors – you’ll be truly free. Otherwise, it’s just a 9 to 5 (usually, much much more) job that masks behind the entrepreneurial curtain. And you’re an executor, not a real owner…



How Do We Provide the Services:

We provide services in two ways:

  1. Consulting and Advisory
  2. Turn-key solution Become D1

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