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Ski Jacket Tech Is Going to the Moon


When the US returns to the lunar surface next year, the lander’s outer panels will be wrapped in the same reflective material that lines cold-weather parkas.

BRANDS LOVE SENDING logos up into the sky and beyond. Billboards, blimps, skywriting, ballpark jumbotrons, space suits. It’s for the eyeballs, sure, but perhaps there’s something else at play, as if placement in the direction of the heavens might suggest divine endorsement.

Nah. It’s probably just for the eyeballs.

But a recent collaboration between Columbia Sportswear and Houston, Texas-based Intuitive Machines extends beyond typical logo shenanigans. Intuitive is one of a handful of private companies that have contracted with NASA under the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program. These firms will be delivering payload to the moon to support broader NASA research missions. The company’s lander, Nova-C, is slated to launch aboard the IM-I Mission in March. When that happens, Nova-C will be America’s first visit to the surface in more than 50 years.



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