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The Sunday Round Up – Home key, Runway, Shopify, Reddit, NFT Marketplace



Hi everyone, it’s Mrs. Violet with you today! Let’s talk about cool news in our Sunday Round-Up today, by the way, don’t forget to click the “Like” button!

A neural network called Mubert

AI has been taught to create music from any picture.

There is a neural network called Mubert, its original purpose is to generate audio content, adjusting to a specific genre, category and time frame.

But recently, the “powers” of the neural network have been expanded by teaching it to analyze a certain image and produce music that corresponds to its mood.

The ornocopter

Chinese engineers have launched an ornocopter into the air.

As you can guess, an ornocopter is a drone that flies with the flap of its wings, like a bird.

The model launched by the Chinese was in the air for 1 hour and 31 minutes, surpassing the flight time of its counterparts, which was no more than half an hour.

So now there are great opportunities for airports: if previously they used trained falcons to scare birds away from planes, they will now be fully replaced by such robots.

Robot mops

These are the kinds of robot mops that recently appeared at halftime of a basketball game. 

It seems that there won’t even be any jobs for janitors in the wonderful world of the future.

Digit robot from Agility Robotics

Meet the Digit robot from Agility Robotics.

The robot is humanoid, of medium human height, with stereo cameras on its torso and a lidar instead of a head, allowing it to track obstacles around. 

The developer company has already put it on sale, and the first few copies were purchased by Ford, which will further promote Digity in the market.

The 3D advertising of the new Agent Harbor

On a street in Dubai there was a 3D advertising of the new Agent Harbor from the game Valorant.

A great solution, by the way, was to use a double billboard – it’s much more effective.

The Japanese have created sheets that mimic cats

sheets that mimic cats

It’s cute news time: the Japanese have created sheets that mimic cats.

Nissen developed a special material called Neko Feel for this purpose – its creators consulted with cat people to make everything as realistic as possible. 

The result is bedding that makes you feel like you’re stroking a cat when you touch it. It costs between $13 and $40, and they say the first batch sold out instantly. 

That’s it! Let’s take a little break and take a look at the creations from Stable Diffusion: a neural network has generated its own interpretation of human evolution.

And then let’s enjoy some cool and funny videos from our “Exploring Social Media” column! 

Exploring Social Media

Modern problems require modern solutions: a man with a fear of heights was given a game in VR, where he had to walk on a board at the height of a skyscraper. 

The therapy was clearly shocking, and the man’s nerves were not to be envied.

Twitter never stops surprising! This is the picture the neural network gave out for the query “Guy who makes surprise his friends at a night coffee party”.

And when did this neural network have time to visit our typical parties?

Found it on Twitter! This is how Stable Diffusion neural network “finalizes” video. 

Looks like the world of video editing is about to be revolutionized!

Look at this creation! How yi made a beautiful fairy outfit and the designer turned it into reality!

@fireflypathofficial From AI to Reality 🤖👗🙌🏻 Sneek Peek bringing our Midjourney Creation to life. Opal Chrislas Gown @Fireflypath Photographer @emackphoto Wings @hellofaerie #Midjourney #AI #Fantasygown #Fairy #midjourneyAI #fairycore #gown ♬ son original – ❕𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐦𝐞 ❕

Finally! We’ve waited! The full trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar 2: The Way of the Water is out.

The action of the film will unfold 15 years after the events of the first part.

Timing of the picture will be more than 3 hours.


Okay, okay…What does artificial intelligence have for us today? 

Our keywords: A steampunk treehouse in a forest, Second Empire Style, huge windows, golden hour, chiaroscuro, hyperreal illustration by akihiko yoshida and thomas kinkade and Darek Zabrocki, 8k, hdr

I’m waiting for your comments, which AI-art you like more and write your ideas for the next pictures!

See you soon! Meet Mrs Cherry with her latest updates.


Hi, guys! I’m here to tell you the most interesting news in the Web3 world. And, of course, don’t forget to like our DGTLONE Show!

Meta announces NFT integration with Web3 platform and native token up 60%

Facebook and Instagram will use the Web3 Arweave (AR) platform to store digital collectibles from creators in an NFT format, Stefan Kasriel, head of commerce and financial technology at Meta, said via Twitter.

Through the integration, social media users will be able to pass off digital collectibles as their posts are stored on Arweave, Web3 platform CEO and co-founder Sam Williams also said in a microblog post.

Arweave allows users to store information forever using blockchain. Data, once entered, cannot be changed. Users must purchase storage space using the AR token as a payment method.

Such platforms are considered a kind of “decentralized Google Drive” because the data stored by users is not under the control of a single company, but on “HD” shared by a distributed computer network supported by validators who agree to store gigabytes in exchange for a reward in cryptocurrencies – in Arweave’s case, in AR tokens.

WEB Summit

And we can’t get past the most talked-about event in the Web3 world – WEB Summit. It ended last week and it was definitely a success, because of it has over 71,000 attendees on the each day.

In 2022, Web3 is one of the biggest topics of tech discussion, and Web Summit 2022 is no different. It brings together stakeholders and major players on the Internet and technology industries with participants ranging from Fortune 500 companies to tech startups. It also attracts angel investors, corporate big wigs and international journalists. The opening event of Web Summit saw the mayor of Lisbon, the minister of economy of Portugal and Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao as keynote speakers.

Web Summit involves various mini-conferences which focus on different topics like marketing, music, cryptocurrency, international business, health and more.

Decentralized gaming IDs provide another avenue of interoperability in Web3

Nonfungible token (NFT) gaming is getting a facelift. A new collaboration between Laguna Games, a Web3 game development and R&D studio, and Lens Protocol allows players to connect across multiple gaming experiences.

These new decentralized gaming IDs will allow players to connect their profiles across Crypto Unicorn’s web and mobile NFT gaming platforms.

Gaming in the Web3 space has been heralded as a major entrance for mass adoption and as an example of utility for ownership through NFTs.

It is also one of the areas in the space that is receiving attention from investors. According to a DappRadar Q3 report, blockchain games and metaverse projects raised $1.3 billion from July to September of this year.

Pick of the Week – the Best Software Out There

Elai – Create AI videos from just text!

Many people know how exhausting and time-consuming the video shooting, editing, and post-production process is! But what if I tell you that AI can do it for you? Save up your time and budget to customized AI videos with a presenter in minutes without using a camera, studio and a greenscreen.


Create AI videos from just text

Ad of the Week

The Call of Duty games features the Burger Town fast food chain, a reference to Burger King. For the release of the new installment of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, the franchises have expanded their partnership.

A “Call of Duty Whopper meal” combo – with codes for in-game rewards – has appeared on menus at 6,000 restaurants around the world. Paris-based Burger King added a Kiosk of Duty mini-game to its checkout machines.

Enjoy watching, kisses to everyone!



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