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This is Chrysler’s vision for your future car cabin


One year ago at CES in Las Vegas, Stellantis showed the world what a Chrysler EV might look like — a transformation that will occur by 2028 when it becomes an all-electric brand.

Now, we’re getting a peek at the company’s vision for future car cabins. The upshot? Chrysler, the 97-year-old brand under global automaker Stellantis, wants its in-car technology to make “real life” easier.

The brand is showcasing its vision at CES 2023 through Chrysler Synthesis, a two-seater demonstration of in-car tech and how drivers and passengers might use it. As part of the demonstration, the company created a typical day in this future car life that includes a virtual personal assistant that uses biometric recognition, automated driving that allows the driver to conduct video calls and entertainment and wellness experiences like mediation, games and karaoke. There’s even a feature that allows customers to create and synthesize their own music.